Edubuntu Bug Day - 10 March

Small Bugs are Important Too

Bugs may sound cute and harmless, but often even small software bugs can have a huge impact on the overall user experience.

The current development version of Edubuntu, codenamed "Natty Narwhal" which will in time become Edubuntu 11.04 is shaping up quite well. However, quite often attention is focussed on the big issues and sometimes the smaller problems just don't get the attention they also deserve, which results in feedback like "Hey! Why didn't you fix this, it would've only taken you 15 minutes!".

So, to give special love and attention to all Edubuntu bugs, we're declaring 10 March an Edubuntu Bug day!

The Details

The bug day will last all day on 10 March 2011 in collaboration with the Ubuntu Bugsquad team on the #ubuntu-bugs IRC channel on freenode.

The plan is to take a look at all related open bugs, do as much triaging and fixing as possible and then put together a report at the end of the day and identify and prioritise remaining issues targeted for the final release.

If you're new to bug squashing (or even scared of them) we still encourage you to drop by on IRC and say hi! You're even welcome to join as and nag us about your favourite bugs.

More information:

Bugsquad Hugday page:
Edubuntu Roadmap:
Natty Release Schedule:
List of bugs we follow in Edubuntu: (will be updated before bug day)

Edubuntu 11.04 Alpha 2 Released

New Development Release

Edubuntu 11.04 (codenamed: Natty Narwhal) is the next version of Edubuntu due for release in April 2011. Development on the system is in full swing and today marks the second tested installable development version. It is still in a very early state and has known problems, it is not recommended for anything else than testing and experimental purposes for people who are interested in Edubuntu development.


The DVD ISO image is available for download from:

Release Notes

What's New in this Alpha?

  • The Gartoon icon theme has been replaced by the much improved Gartoon Redux icon theme
  • A selection of fonts have been added via the edubuntu-fonts meta-package
  • Live environments now have a live welcome greeter
  • Edubuntu now has a text Plymouth theme that displays "Edubuntu" instead of "Ubuntu" with Edubuntu colours
  • Yorick and Lightspeed has been added to tertiary selection
  • Lightspeed has been added to the secondary selection meta-package
  • Arkose, Tuxguitar, Opendict and Grokking the Gimp has been added to the desktop meta-package
  • Stellarium replaces Kstars
  • Geogebra replaces Kalgebra
  • The iTalc link has been removed from the Live system since iTalc does not work on Live systems
  • Menu cleanup has begun, some entries have better descriptions and icons now

Known Issues:

  • AMD64 is uninstallable out of the box due to a bug in Webkit, please remove the ubiquity-slideshow-edubuntu package before starting the installation process. (LP: 710582)
  • The Edubuntu live welcome greeter currently crashes on AMD64 due to a Webkit bug present on this platform. (LP: 710582)
  • iTalc crashes soon after startup on live sessions (LP: #438637)
  • Certain Edubuntu packages are removed when they shouldn't be (LP: #711904)
  • Update manager prompts for file changes on unchanged sudoers file (LP: #711918)
  • LTSP won't work due to a nbd-client issue and a gnome-session issue. A workaround exists by removing /opt/ltsp//usr/share/ldm/rc.d/I01-nbd-update from the chroot and running "sudo ltsp-update-image". Once that's done, make sure to always select "Classic Desktop" as session type or login will fail. (LP: #711951)
  • The Unity session in Edubuntu is still work in progress, it's recommended to test using the Ubuntu Classic Desktop from the login screen instead.
  • The Installer slideshow still shows that Edubuntu 10.10 is being installed, this has no impact on the installed system and the slideshow will be updated for the next alpha release
  • Edubuntu is currently reviewing package selections, some packages installed in this release will not be in the final release.

For more information on this Alpha release, including non-Edubuntu specific bugs and features, please refer to the Natty Narwhal Technical Overview wiki page. We strongly recommend reading this, since there are bugs that will result in data loss under certain circumstances.

Edubuntu follows the Ubuntu release schedule, for more information on the roadmap to release, please refer to the Release Schedule.

Edubuntu on YouTube

Edubuntu on YouTube

Last year Edubuntu jumped on the bandwagon and signed up for a channel on YouTube. We found some Edubuntu related videos and added them as favourites. Favourite videos appears in our profile so that anyone who visits our profile page will see them.

We thought it might be a good idea to round up some videos in a blog entry for people who don't actively follow YouTube. More importantly, if you know of some videos who should add as favourites on our channel, please point them out!

The Videos


Bernadette Rego has a series of video FOSS4Educators tutorials that cover applications in Edubuntu. Sound quality could be better but otherwise her screencasts are great, here are some of them:

People who use Edubuntu:


The OpenSourceSchools channel is part of the UK BECTA initiative designed to promote the use of Open Source Software in the UK. Here are some videos that was uploaded from BETT that is relevant to Ubuntu/Edubuntu and the software we ship:

We love videos

We welcome your video contributions! If you'd like to create any Edubuntu videos, whether they are screencasts, documentation, demos, general discussion, talks or reviews then we'll be happy to feature it on our channel. Simple add the Edubuntu Project user as a friend and send a message!

Edubuntu 11.04 Wallpaper Submissions

Wallpaper Required for Edubuntu 11.04

The Ubuntu Artwork team has been going through a revival over the last few months, which is great, they now offer services to other Ubuntu teams in a structured way.

We took them up on their offer and requested a wallpaper for the next release that we can also use to base the rest of the artwork on.

Current Submissions

Some people have already put in a lot of work in to their submissions, but we'd like to see more ideas.

In particular, we'd like to avoid having the Edubuntu logo on the wallpaper, we have enough Edubuntu logos scattered around already. We'd also like to avoid text. It's hard to scale properly across different screen sizes and wallpapers aren't very easy to translate. If you've been involved with education for a while, you'll also be sick of clichés like apples on text books, chalkboards and world maps. Having said that, many brilliant people have managed to take an old idea and turn it into something brilliant, so it's certainly not a hard restriction, but original ideas certainly get preference!

Do you have what it takes to create a great default wallpaper? Then join the artwork team and show the world what you're made of!


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