Edubuntu 9.10 Release Announcement

Edubuntu is an educational operating system that is a part of the Ubuntu family. It aims to make Ubuntu, the popular Linux-based operating system, a great choice for the computing needs of children, students, parents, teachers, and schools. It brings many of the best educational open-source applications and tools to the Ubuntu operating system.

What's New

  • With version 9.10, Edubuntu has become a whole lot easier to install. Edubuntu now comes on a DVD and includes graphical and text-based installers, LTSP server installation, and the option to run the Edubuntu desktop directly from the DVD before making any changes to your computer.
  • Ubuntu users can install Edubuntu's age-appropriate educational application bundles by searching for ''Edubuntu'' in the Ubuntu Software Center application located in the Applications menu.
  • Sabayon, the Gnome user profile manager, which had extensive problems for the last few releases has been fixed and should be ready for general use.
  • LTSP Cluster, available from the Ubuntu repositories in 9.10, provides an easy to use load-balancing solution for LTSP servers.

How to get it
Edubuntu can be installed through two different methods:

Edubuntu installation DVD

  1. Download the .iso file using:
    • BitTorrent: for either 32-bit or 64-bit computers (this method is preferred)

      Web browser: from for either 32-bit or 64-bit computers

    • Burn it to:

    Ubuntu software archives

    From an Ubuntu 9.10 system, perform a search for ''Edubuntu'' in the Ubuntu Software Center (located in the Applications menu). From a Kubuntu 9.10 system, perform a search for ''Edubuntu'' in KPackageKit (found in the Computer menu) and install edubuntu-desktop-kde.

    More Information

    The Edubuntu 9.10 Release Notes contain more useful information including known issues in this release. Please also read the Ubuntu Release Notes as it contains many important notes that may affect Edubuntu users.

    Community support is available via IRC, Forums and Mailing lists. Please refer to for more information.