Edubuntu 13.04 Alpha 1 Test Build

Edubuntu 13.04, Codename: Raring Ringtail, first Alpha Release Now Available

The Edubuntu developers team is proud to release the first official test build of what will eventually become Edubuntu 13.04, due for release in April 2013. For the complete roadmap towards 13.04, please refer to the release schedule

This build allows developers and users to evaluate early changes in this release and no details are finalised yet.

Please keep the following in mind when testing this build:

  • Artwork is not final and very likely to change, do not use for documentation purposes
  • Package selection is not final and subject to change
  • Some features (even when present in the UI) are not implemented yet. Most significantly, this affects the Edubuntu Server installation options and Domain joining options.
  • This is an early release preview which contains previously untested system software, it may destroy your existing data or in some very rare cases, permanently harm your system. Practice caution and make backups if necessary.

New in this alpha release

The following packages have been added:

  • vym - mindmapping tool
  • klavaro - flexible touch-typing tutor
  • krecipes - recipe manager and collection of recipes
  • gramps - genealogical research program
  • chemtool - chemical structures drawing program
  • fritzing - easy to use electronics design software
  • einstein - puzzle game inspired by Einstein's puzzle

Major software version updates:

  • Linux version 3.7
  • Firefox version 18
  • Thunderbird version 17
  • LibreOffice version 3.6.2
  • Unity version 6.12


  • All known "12.10" version strings have been updated to "13.04"
  • New wallpaper selected (although likely to be changed again soon)
  • Old installer slideshow has been dropped, a new one is being worked on

Known Issues

  • Graphics are badly distorted under KVM virtual machines via VNC
  • LTSP Live sessions do not currently work (LP: #1086483), no current workaround.
  • No working default session is set on installation (LP: # 1086498), to work around, simply select a session when logging in the first time or set manually in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

Where to get it

Images are available from the Ubuntu cdimage website.


  • File bugs using the usual Ubuntu bug filing procedures.
  • Post feedback to the edubuntu-devel mailing list, details on our community page.
  • Important: Before filing bugs, please verify that the bug is still present after all updates are applied or whether it's still present in the latest daily build.

Happy testing!