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Anki Tutorial

One of the things we'd like to do in Edubuntu in 2012 is showcase more of the software that we ship and tell stories of people who use it.

We stumbled upon a great write-up of Anki, a flashcard reader program installed in Edubuntu and otherwise available via Ubuntu Software Center.

Here's a snippet:

"Prepping for a Linux certification exam? Helping the kids with schoolwork? No matter what the subject is, Anki can help you commit it to memory. The flexible open source study system is based around the flashcard concept, but with support for audio, video, and more, and the program can adapt to your learning style."

Read the full story by Nathan Willis on

Edubuntu WebLive surpasses 100 000 sessions

WebLive Milestone

Yesterday, the Edubuntu WebLive service surpassed it's one hundred thousandth session. We're thrilled that so many people have taken the time to look at Edubuntu and find out just how easy open source software is and that it can be really valuable in an educational setting.

Try it out!

Haven't tried out WebLive yet? Give it a go! WebLive itself is also open source, if you'd like to deploy your own instance, you can find it hosted on

Edubuntu 11.04 beta 2

The Edubuntu team is happy to announce the 2nd beta pre-release of Edubuntu 11.04. This is the last pre-release iteration before the final release, and is available for testing immediately.


The DVD ISO image is available for download from:

What's new?

This beta release brings no new features, but adds many bug fixes in preperation for the final release.

For more information on this Beta release, including non-Edubuntu specific bugs and features, please refer to the Natty Narwhal Technical Overview wiki page. We strongly recommend reading this, since there are issues which aren't resolved yet and may require workarounds on certain platforms.

The Final release is on 28 April and we hope that you'll be as excited about it as we are!


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