Packaging Work for Ubuntu 13.04

Work-needing Packages

With Edubuntu 12.10 freshly released we're ramping up steadily on development towards 13.04 and beyond. If you've been following us on the social networks, you've probably come across Stéphane Graber's blog post about the roadmap to 14.04 LTS which mostly covers our long-term aspirations.

In the meantime, there's quite a bit of packaging work to be done for 13.04 and we need your help! Here's an initial list of packages needing work, we'll continue posting updates on the topic to the edubuntu-devel mailing list.

  • Brain Workshop - A Dual N-Back mental exercise
  • iGNUit - A General purpose flashcard game
  • Gcompris- Already in archives but needs updating
  • KidMP, a media player that aims to be kid-friendly

How to get started

Ideally packages should be uploaded to Debian first and then synced to the Ubuntu archives, but since Debian is frozen it might be a good idea to at least get the packages in good shape and get them in to PPAs and in to the Ubuntu archives. The new Ubuntu packaging guide is a great start if you're new to software packaging. There are also the #ubuntu-motu and #ubuntu-packaging channels on freenode where you could get some pointers.

Anything we're missing?

If there are some educational or related packages you would like to see in the Ubuntu archives, please get in touch via the edubuntu-devel mailing list or send us a quick message through our web contact form. As always, any help is appreciated, happy hacking!