Edubuntu on YouTube

Edubuntu on YouTube

Last year Edubuntu jumped on the bandwagon and signed up for a channel on YouTube. We found some Edubuntu related videos and added them as favourites. Favourite videos appears in our profile so that anyone who visits our profile page will see them.

We thought it might be a good idea to round up some videos in a blog entry for people who don't actively follow YouTube. More importantly, if you know of some videos who should add as favourites on our channel, please point them out!

The Videos


Bernadette Rego has a series of video FOSS4Educators tutorials that cover applications in Edubuntu. Sound quality could be better but otherwise her screencasts are great, here are some of them:

People who use Edubuntu:


The OpenSourceSchools channel is part of the UK BECTA initiative designed to promote the use of Open Source Software in the UK. Here are some videos that was uploaded from BETT that is relevant to Ubuntu/Edubuntu and the software we ship:

We love videos

We welcome your video contributions! If you'd like to create any Edubuntu videos, whether they are screencasts, documentation, demos, general discussion, talks or reviews then we'll be happy to feature it on our channel. Simple add the Edubuntu Project user as a friend and send a message!


I am using Edubuntu in a Learning Center in the Masai Mara of Kenya. We love it. I would love to see a list of 'How to videos' for the programs in Edubuntu. We have many users who have never touched a computer. We run them through the basics, but would love to have list of How to's for Gimp, ink scape, Kdenlive, ect. It is the best way for them to learn. They see, experience, and hear all at the same time.

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